For some people, a photobooth is just a recreational equipment used for parties and events. But this equipment has more use apart from taking photos of guests. In fact, marketers are using these recreational paraphernalia to boost their marketing efforts.

If you are still having second thoughts about using photo booth to strengthen your marketing strategies, here a list of reasons why you need to reconsider the idea:

  • Engage the crowd

At parties and events, guests and attendees love to have their picture taken. Of course, there is a photographer on the scene, but he/she can only cover a number of people. By including a photo booth in your events, you will be able to engage the audience who loves to get a snap of themselves and their friends. This is one of the best way to engage the crowd.

  • Collect data

Modern photo booths are equipped with features that can help you capture data from the guests. For example, you can optimize the photo booth and ask some questions to the users before they can have their photos taken. This can be a good way to conduct surveys and capture leads. Most of these photo booths have tracking capabilities that can help you to monitor the data collected in real time.

  • Spread the word out

Another reason why you need to have a photo booth in your event is to spread the word out. Apart from collecting data, photo booths are also created to help spread brand awareness by sharing their photos on their social media account. This can lead to social engagements and it can serve as a constant reminder of the event, especially when the social media platform remind the audience of their previous posts.

  • Promote your brand

Photo booth designs are created and customized based on the client’s brand and preferences. Most of the time, the logo of the company is incorporated in the design to optimize brand exposure. The color of the brand is also used as part of the design. This is another way to boost your brand, especially to the event participants.

  • Provide souvenirs

People always want to have something they can take home after the event. Apart from corporate gifts, you can also give away printed copies of the pictures from the photo booth. Guests would definitely love seeing the photos which will remind them how great your event is. You could look here for more information in this regard.


Dubai – UAE

Monday, Mar 30, 2020