Dubai Cruise Activities Tourists Can Enjoy

The Dhow Cruise in Dubai is one of the most splendid trips that tour operators offer to tourists and travelers. Some may think that this kind of trip is boring and not worthy of your travel money. But if you are looking for some laid-back travel adventure, then a cruise might be a good alternative for you. And contrary to the popular belief, cruises are packed with activities that you can enjoy while you are on board

Here are some cruise activities that you might enjoy while you are cozily lounging in the cruise:


  • Explore the city

Yes, you read it right. While you are on a cruise, there is a chance that you can explore the city as the cruise ship will touch certain parts of the city. While you cannot explore them like the usual city tour in Dubai, you can still enjoy the scenic view of Dubai metropolis and see the glorious architecture while you are on a cruise. The one key advantage is that, your feet while not get tired from walking the streets.


  • Enjoy the cruise entertainment

Entertainment has always been part of the cruise. This is to ensure that passengers are entertained to a hilt while they are onboard. Cruise operators always prepare an array of activities and entertainment shows that would entice passengers from all walks of life. The usual set up would be performances from excellent performing artists, but the operators try to make a variation on their cruise programs. But on special occasions, they create special programs for the passengers. Be sure to check what programs they offer for specific date and schedule.


  • Get dibs on the food

Cruise dining dishes are always known for the delicious taste and tourist would never pass a chance to get a taste of these sumptuous buffet. So, while you are onboard, be sure to get a taste of their offerings. But do not pig out to much. Too much food might get you a little seasick. A little taste would be fine. But of course, do not forget to get the sip of their finest wines and beverage.


  • Get some much-needed Vitamin Sea

We all know that Vitamin D, also known as Vitamin Sea, can do wonders for your body and immune system. You can get that by soaking under the sun while you are onboard. Do not forget to bring your sunglasses and a hat for protection.