Sports in Dubai

Dubai is in the middle of the desert so one would easily say that nobody there is interested in running after ball, or swaying the racket, or even walking a dog in that heat. But that is not true. Like everything else, Dubai introduced sports in its everyday life and some of the most important sports events take place in Dubai. Children are much more physically active in the past fifteen years since numerous sport academies were opened in the city. Competitive sports schools are among most popular; especially tennis and football. Also, they organize various sport camps during summer and winter vacations where parents send their children, as well as some of the best sport clubs in the world send their players to have hard conditional trainings under the supervision of the world class experts.

Both elementary schools and high schools have serious extracurricular sports activities and students are extremely successful in competitive sports. Trainers use training techniques from successful practices that are being used in America and United Kingdom for many years. It often happens that famous sportsmen (basket ballers, soccer players, tennis players) visit schools with best results in competitive sports; these famous people often come to Dubai because of business and sometimes as tourists, but mostly to take part in some competition or championships.

One of the most important sport events of the year is Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships; only the best from the tennis world are present on the tournament every year. It is usually sold months ahead and broadcasted worldwide.

DP World Tour Championship Golf Tournament takes place every year at the end of European golfing season. The winner goes home a lot wealthier than he was before. The main award is more than two million USD.

Dubai Muscle Show is one of the kind in the UAE. Fitness champions from all over the world gather in Dubai, showing their glorious bodies to the world. Like the Tennis tournament, this event gathers only the best from the fitness world. Also, there are all kinds of products and health supplements you can buy there to boost your fitness career.

My personal favorite is  The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Final.The event is taking place in Dubai Marina. The competitors from all over the globe are there for the big final. These people are artists, making art with their body! They use very high cliffs or building or fortresses above the water and jump from there making incredible shapes with their bodies. The platform for jumping is Pier 7. It is great that they don’t charge tickets for this event, so anyone who is interested in watching these amazing sportsmen is welcomed to strike their position on the Dubai Marina and watch the magic happen.

Enjoy sports in Dubai.