New Expectant Mom’s Guide on Pregnancy per Trimester

Pregnancy may be one of the most wonderful journey that a woman can experience in her lifetime. But it can also be overwhelming if you are new to this journey. With all the preparations that you need to mind, there might be some things that you are missing.

But with the right knowledge, going through this wonderful process can be smooth and a little stressful. Here is a simple guide that new expectant moms can read to help them know what to expect during each trimester:


1st Trimester

The first trimester can be wonderful or a nightmare, depending on what you are feeling. There are some who are lucky enough to get through this phase like breeze. Unfortunately, not expectant moms can expect a peaceful and glorious first trimester. It is the time when morning (or all day) sickness starts to kick in. Your body is adjusting to the changes that pregnancy entails. Hormones will give you hell of a time so be prepared for it. You can expect cravings, some dislikes to certain smell or food and mood swings and feeling tired.

They say that the 1st trimester is the most critical time in pregnancy. Some women even experience spotting and recommended to take a full bed rest to ensure the safety of both baby and the mother.


2nd Trimester

Once you entered second trimester, you will feel a change in your body and mood. You will feel a little lighter and better compared to what you experienced on your first trimester. By this time, you will gaining weight faster and your baby bump will start to show. Some expectant moms might feel a little big insecure with the changes on their bodies. But it is perfect normal. Once you give birth, you can go back to your original form with proper diet and exercise.


It might also be a time to start baby shopping as you will be able to determine the gender of the baby.


3rd Trimester

You are nearing your due date which can be exciting and overwhelming. But calm down, everything is going to be fine. You might be having a little bit of difficult moving as the baby inside you is getting bigger. It might be the best time to have your pregnancy photo shoot dubai taken since you bump is more apparent and full round. It would definitely look great on your photo.

During this time, you might also want to prepare your hospital bag, so you will be ready just in case you need to go to the hospital for delivery.


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