Benefits of Soaking In Warm Water

Aside from being a rare undervalued luxury of life, an opulent soak in warm soothing water imparts numerous health benefits to your body. Read full article to know more health benefits of warm water therapy.

Relieves Pain

It might be time to bid adieu to those stashes of painkillers. Due to an elevated body temperature, your brain releases endogenous opioid peptides, which are primarily endorphins- your body’s natural pain reliever. This serves to explain why you feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a luxuriant soak! This natural chemical boosts your mood and strengthens your immune system, improves sleep, and helps avert headaches.

Relaxes The Mind

The heat from the bathtub relieves tension from the muscles and helps you unwind. Studies have proven that hot water immersion can enhance the balance between our sympathetic (stress) and   parasympathetic (relaxation) components of the nervous system, which is why most private hospitals in Dubai recommend this technique.

When a tense body immerses in a warm bath, the water augments the body temperature and relaxes the muscles. Relaxing the muscles not only helps us relax physically, but also mentally, and there’s nothing that most of us would rather desire than that peace of mind at the end of a hectic day. Since soaking in a warm tub augments the body temperature, your body gradually cools down after you hop out. This change in the body temperature is a cue for the brain that it is time to unwind.

Alleviate The Symptoms Of Cough And Flu

The steam from the hot water of a bathtub can dry out the mucus accumulating in your throat, the main culprit for those relentless bouts of coughs. In addition, the enhanced blood circulation transports the white blood cells more efficiently to different parts of the body to fight off diseases and act as the body’s natural defense. A 15-20 minutes soak in warm water can relieve the symptoms of flu and cold, soothes stuffy nasal passages, and stops a runny nose!

Ditch the Psoriasis Itch

To alleviate the flaky and itchy skin caused by Psoriasis, adding a few tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil to your bathtub can work wonders. The oils act as a moisturizer and help remove scales to make your skin less prone to infections. However, if you are suffering from Psoriasis, don’t linger in the bathtub for more than 15 minutes as it tends to dry out the skin, even with the added oils. Refrain from scrubbing with a luffa as it can inflame your skin, and always cleanse gently with a soft washcloth afterward.