Summer wedding flower tips

Summer is the season that many people wait for to enjoy the sunny days by admiring all its bright colors and the countless fun activities that it brings with it. Even the people who do not take part in social activities can’t resist the smiles and laughter that are part of the outdoor fun in summer. It is no wonder why most of the weddings take place in the same season. The sunny weather of summers warms up moods and people enjoy some of the best get together of the year.

If you are planning your wedding in summer, get ready to get confused about deciding on your wedding flowers. This is the time when you will find the largest variety of wedding flowers in Dubai. No matter where you want to setup the arrangement for your wedding, there will be plenty of options in flowers to decorate your wedding venue. Some of the most popular summer flowers that you wouldn’t want to miss adding to your wedding venue are as follows:


There can be no better choice than daisies as the wedding flowers for your big day. Daisies are the most popular choice of brides due to their amazing colors that will surely spread happiness at your wedding. Believe it or not, daisies rank very high in the most used flowers in the world.


How can one forget sunflowers? One of the major positives of sunflowers is that they are comparatively larger in size than other summer flowers. For this reason, they are the best option to create an amazing first impression of your wedding guests. No flower can highlight the bright and warm feelings of summers other than the sunflowers. Fact of the matter is that sunflowers can be the best choice to use as the focal point for your wedding flower arrangement to build a colorful decoration pattern around them.


If you are looking for some elegant white flower, tuberoses must be the first choice for your wedding flowers. One of the most loveable qualities of tuberose is their strong yet smooth scent that can challenge any top of the range perfume. These will surely impress everyone at your wedding.

Black Eyed Susan

No, that’s not the bride’s name. But yes, these flowers are worth being used as a wedding flower. If you are looking for an old style wedding, you must use these with some outdoor plants in Dubai.