How to Choose an Exhibition Booth Style That is best for you

If you are in the throes of getting an exhibition booth in Dubai designed by a viable company, you should ask yourself a very important question: Which style of Exhibition booth would cater best for your business? While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to answering this question, a lot of options exist for you to choose from:

Island Booths

Measuring 20×20 in size, Island booths are best suited for trade show booth locations right in the midst of the show floor, rather than in a corner or standing up against a wall. An island exhibit, just like its name suggests, is exposed to the trade show aisles on all sides. This brings foot traffic to the booth from all directions.

Peninsula Booths

Peninsula booths are established based on a 20×20 footprint, but they can vary in size. These booths are best suited to spaces where foot traffic isn’t available on all sides or that are erected against a wall on one side. This type of exhibit is closed off on one side and exposed on three.

In-Line Booths

Being one of the most popular options available for trade shows, in-line booths involve the use of space that is backed up to another exhibit or is surrounded on at least one side. Since most venues have exhibit spaces that are set up this way, an in-line exhibit design helps to boost functionality and space by making the most of the available space.

In-Line Corner Booths

In-line corner booths would work best for you if you have a trade booth location that is more or less surrounded or that is in a corner. These booths are designed to create one central focal point, surrounded on all sides by other exhibits. These exhibits serve to build a lasting impression for your company and draw in foot traffic.

Which Option Should You Choose?

When selecting a viable exhibit booth style for your next trade show, your budget and tradeshow goals will play a major factor in deciding which design you should go for.  Small or large, a viable exhibition booth designing company can customize each option to make sure that your booth portrays your company or brand in the best possible light. Whether you want to rent an exhibition booth or purchase one, construction fencing in Dubai companies can help you design one that helps you stand out from the competitors and realize your goals.