Buying Mistakes That New Parents Do When Buying Apparels

As new parents, we are always excited to get the best for our little bub. And sometimes, we go overboard with baby shopping that we tend to commit some mistakes and end up spending money on baby apparels that are not are right for your little ones.

To prevent committing such mistakes, what this baby shopping boo-boos are and know how to prevent them:

  • Buying too many for a short period of time

A lot of parents commit this kind of mistake due to excitement or bulk buying. Remember that your baby is constantly growing day by day. The clothes that you bought might just last for a month. Just buy a few sets of clothes for your newborn and think about buying a few sets with bigger sizes to accommodate your growing bub.


If you have some unused baby clothes, be sure to store them properly, especially the white ones. Put them in a sealed plastic or bag and stow them neat on your closet.


  • Buying the same design over and over again

Some parents have a habit of buying the same design over and over again, maybe because it is cute or pretty cheap. Try to give your kid’s apparel some variety. Go for sets that comes in different designs and colors. It will give you chic options for your little ones every day. Also be sure to get some apparels for special occasions and clothes that is appropriate for the weather.


  • Forgetting about the footwear

Sometimes, we focused too much on the wardrobe that we tend to forget about the shoes. Always include footwear on your baby shopping list. But before you go buy anything for your bub, check out his closet so you would know what appropriate shoes design and make that will go with your baby’s outfits before you go to the store. If you don’t have the time to visit the mall, check out sellers that offer baby girl and baby boy shoes online in Dubai for options.


Also, do not buy too many pairs with the same sizes. Like the newborn clothes, your growing baby would outgrow these shoes in no time.

  • Not thinking about comfort

Design and comfort should go hand in hand when you are picking your kid’s clothing. When shopping in store or online, check out the materials and the made of these apparels. Be sure that they are hypoallergenic as kids’ skin are sensitive.

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