Things Interior Design Consultants don’t want you To Know

Interior design consultants in Dubai are highly resourceful when it comes to conjuring up innovative ideas and creatively incorporating them in your home. However, there are some tricks to the trade as well, since interior design is a business just like any other. Here is what you should know before you call in a professional for a home renovation project:

Professionals Have Connections

Despite its creative nature, interior design should be construed as a proper business at the core. If you are thinking of hiring an interior design consultant to undertake your home refurbishing project, you should treat it like any other business deal. This entails that you interview each potential candidate before choosing the one that fits in with your needs. Since networking plays a major role in the success of any business, it is important to make sure that the designer that you hire has been in the industry for a long time and has a lot of connections.

A well-connected designer can be highly useful when it comes to gleaning discounts and promotions. A budding interior designer may try to exaggerate their connections, since they don’t want you to know that they are new to the trade. Be sure to check how much experience they have in the industry. Make sure you ask who the designer knows when it comes to specific products such as countertops and flooring. While on the pricier end, these features can be acquired at discounted prices with the right connections. Go to websites of interior designers to see who they worked with in the past as well.

Discuss Budget First

While you would think that your interior designer is geared towards budget savings and getting the job done in a reasonable cost, it isn’t always the case. Until you are up-front about your budget constraints from the word “GO”, your interior designer is bound to choose only the best features in structure and quality.  They want the finished job to be top-of-the-line and lavish, since it reflects on them. This can drag your renovation project way out of your reach. Unless you’re looking to break the bank, make sure that your interior designer is on the same page with you when it comes to how far you’re willing to go and any budgetary limits you have.

Don’t Bypass Your Preferences

Interior designers have preferences of their own when it comes to design aspects. If left to their own devices, they would turn your home into all the things that they love. Poorly qualified designers design for themselves, and bypass your inclinations and preferences. Most interior designers straight up refuse to design rooms that don’t adhere to their tastes, or rooms that are ugly. Therefore, it is important that you discuss with your prospective designer about what you love, lest your apartment becomes a testament to their hobbies and interests.